03 Jul 2014

The Benefits of Door Hangers

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residential home front door and porchThink door hangers are an outdated form of marketing? Think again. In reality, door hangers are some of the most effective advertising tools for businesses. Even in the age of big billboards and TV commercials, overlooking door hangers as a marketing strategy is a huge mistake. They continue to prove their worth through the significant advantages they provide companies.

The advantages of door hangers include:

1. Guaranteed Contact with Public

Your advertisement is basically guaranteed to be seen by the homeowner because they have to physically remove it from their door. The recipient will probably bring the door hanger into their home where it’s more than likely to be read. Your message will also be seen by the public as they walk through a neighborhood and notice your business’s name hanging from the front doors. A door hanger gives you ensured visibility and communication with your target audience.

2. Cost-Effective Marketing

The cost of several thousand door hangers is still only a fraction of what a business would pay for a spot in television or radio. And furthermore, door hangers can actually be more effective for gaining new customers because you’re guaranteed to reach your audience. When you’re putting together a marketing budget, door hangers can be an excellent method for gaining huge results at a reasonable price.

3. Build Name & Brand Recognition

Receiving a door hanger lets potential customers know you are in the area and adds your name to their knowledge base of accessible businesses. When people are in need of the service you provide, they are more likely to think of you because your name is already in their mind. People prefer to work with companies with which they are already familiar. This is an especially meaningful benefit for smaller businesses or local establishments looking to build their presence in the community.

4. Provide Fresh and Relevant Information

Door hangers are a simple way to keep customers up to date on any sales, holiday specials, and limited time offers from your company. Even if they don’t take advantage of that particular deal, they now have all your information on hand so they can contact you in the future. Hangers are also a great way to refresh current or previous customers’ memories. For instance, if you provide a seasonal or annual service, you can remind clients that its time for them to schedule a service appointment again.

Door hangers can help you strengthen and grow your business. However, simply having a door hanger won’t necessarily earn you new clientele. In order for any marketing material to be truly effective, it must be well-designed and efficiently communicate any necessary information to the potential customer, including how to best contact you for assistance.

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