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BIG Ad Network is associated with Fast Gorilla Marketing in San Antonio, Texas. We have been servicing the Greater San Antonio Area since 1994. Our portfolio includes a variety of customers from National Services Companies, residential service companies, Restaurants, to a start-up home based business.

Our LED, LCD, LED Digital Advertising monitors are installed in various high traffic locations in and around San Antonio, Texas.

We offer Digital Media Display advertisement with Google TV, as well as, Complete Full Color Print services to include business cards, postcards, brochures and banners on all types of media.

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How It Works


BigAdNetwork promotes your business’s ads using state-of-the-art indoor digital monitors around San Antonio and throughout Texas. Ads reach their target audience through monitors placed in doctor’s offices, fitness centers, restaurants, hair salons, and more. BigAdNet brings customers in these locations some amusement as they pass the time–YOUR ads!



This is a cost-effective way to get your business noticed using digital advertising. You’ll be able to reach demographics you typically miss when using newspaper, radio, or print advertisements. Target your local market and we’ll run the ad, giving you guaranteed viewership. A small price tag leads to big results!




The interactive aspect of BigAdNetwork provides flexibility to both you and your audience. Inquiring customers can use the mobile texting feature to receive discounts, coupons, or other information about your company sent to their cell phone. In turn, advertisers can change their ad messages at any time to keep their content fresh and current.


Pricing Starts at $75 Per Screen

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