09 Dec 2014

What Businesses Benefit from Direct Mail?

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mailbox full of mailAre you a business owner interested in what direct mail can do to grow your clientele? After 20 years of helping Texas businesses market themselves with direct mailers, flyers, and door hangers, we’ve learned the ins and outs of direct marketing and what types businesses tend to thrive from this approach. We’re here to share some of our insights with you!

Businesses That Benefit from Direct Mail

Retail Outlets

Chances are, a lot of the mailers you receive are from retailers – clothing stores having a clearance sale, a convenience store giving out coupons, or a supermarket having a holiday special. It’s quite common for retailers to send out mailers promoting deals, especially around popular times of the year for shopping (Black Friday, Spring and Summer sales, Back to School). This allows stores to reach potential customers locally by focusing market efforts to a certain radius around your location – plus it cuts costs!

Service Industry

Like retail, service-based businesses have a lot to gain from direct mail, especially small businesses or larger companies with a local market. Consumers who otherwise may not know about any current sales or promotions your business is engaging in (especially since many small businesses don’t have the budget for costly TV and radio spots) can easily be made aware of them. Providing coupons or discounts in the mailer is also an effective way for small businesses to create incentives for new and returning customers. Plus, even if the recipient doesn’t call for services right away, most people save coupons or business cards in case they need them later.

Business to Business

Almost every company collaborates with another business for products and services, such as a wholesaler and a retailer. For example, a window installation company may make business-to-business transactions with the companies from which they buy glass or insulation. Direct mail is a great way to generate sales leads and build brand awareness.
Another upside: since business orders can be of greater value than individual consumer purchases, even if a business needs to send out a large number of mailers, a couple of sales can pay off all the expenses.


Direct mail is an efficient way for charitable organizations to request donations. It eliminates the need for cold-calling or traveling door-to-door, saving the organization time and manpower. Some organizations even make it easier for recipients by including a return envelope in their mailer so donors can just pop their check in the envelope and send it back.

Is your company taking advantage of this powerful marketing method? If you want to know more about how direct mailing can grow your business, contact Fast Gorilla today!

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