05 Jun 2014

Why Direct Mail Matters

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flyers in mail slot

Direct Mailing Campaigns

When businesses are developing a marketing plan, they may put direct mail marketing on the back burner, deeming it outdated or a waste of money. However, businesses that think this way are missing out on one of the most effective marketing techniques that can be utilized. Door hangers, brochures, postcards, and flyers are by no means obsolete; in fact, they could be the very thing that makes your next sale.

Several factors make direct mail marketing stand out to your customers:

Tangible and Likely to Be Seen by Audience

According to the U.S. Postal Service, 98 percent of people check their mail every day and 77 percent of people sort it immediately. This means your mailer is very likely to be both seen and held by the people it’s delivered to. Sending out a physical advertisement also makes it easier for recipients to keep your message somewhere as a reminder; many people put flyers on their kitchen counters or refrigerators so they know to call you if they need your services. Emails can get lost or buried beneath newer messages, thus recipients end up forgetting about them.

Directly Targets Your Audience

Television and radio ads reach a lot of people, but you’re never 100% positive who is tuning in. Direct mail services allow you to choose what houses and neighborhoods you want to receive your ads. This is great for businesses who work locally. Sometimes a small, focused market produces better results than a large but randomized one. Customers receive information that meets their specific needs.


Direct mail marketing is cost-effective to create and produce, especially in comparison to other forms of marketing. Businesses often get a great return on their investment through new and returning customers. In addition, they can easily adjust their costs by changing their audience or the materials they choose to send out.

Trusted by Potential Customers

In a 2013 survey reported in From Letter to Inbox, 56% of respondents said they found printed marketing to be the “most trustworthy” of all media channels. Consumers often feel more comfortable calling a company with printed marketing materials since many people worry about getting scammed by companies online. A printed advertisement helps others perceive your business as credible and reliable.

Direct mail is a small investment that can have huge benefits for businesses of all sizes. Even in an increasingly digital age, print mailings are still important to incorporate into your advertising and outreach. Don’t overlook this tried-and-true method when putting together your marketing plan.

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