23 Jul 2015

Flyer Marketing Works, But Not How You Think It Does

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Woman thinking about brand logosWhen you think about flyer marketing, you might imagine people going door to door hanging up a piece of paper. Flyer marketing is only part of a grand scheme of that can lead you to the most effective marketing campaign ever. However, this might not happen in the way you think.

Flyer marketing works by appealing to your subconscious.

This may sound lofty but run with us on this one. Since you were a small baby, you have been shown similar images. The Pepsi globe, the Coca-Cola cursive, the golden arches, and so on. Some of those symbols and logos are so iconic, all you have to do is say, “golden arches” and you think “McDonald’s.”

It isn’t because the logos were memorable. You’ve seen great logos, then forgot about them afterwards. What made Pepsi, Coke, and McDonald’s as iconic as they were was because the companies got their image out everywhere and anywhere as much as possible.

Suddenly, people began to make connections. The same blue and red globe they saw in the flyer was on the shelf now. Instead of trusting the thing they didn’t know right next to it, they trusted the thing they had seen before. This improved sales and created the juggernauts we see today.

All because some folks saw the value in investing in the smallest of advertising.

What is the value of flyer marketing?

FGM_WEB_Extended_MAILOUT-01You might be saying to yourself, “Alright, I know why Pepsi and Coke are successful, but that’s not me. Why should I invest in flyer marketing?”

Flyer marketing can help build up your brand through subtle persuasion. Flyers can be blatant, but they are not as in your face as a commercial, an internet banner ad, or a pre-roll on YouTube. Compared to those mediums, flyers are a much more gentle way of attracting consumers.

Flyer marketing is also a key player in a long game. Flyer marketing helps build your brand and getting the name out there. Through repeated flyer distribution, you can get the trust of many potential customers. This turns into conversions, first in slight amounts, then in much larger amounts over time.

It is crucial to get your image out there. For businesses just starting out, you are fighting an uphill battle just to get noticed. However, simply getting your image in a regular and thorough way will help do a lot of the job. Flyer marketing is a simple tool which can help you get that consistency.

One study done in Germany analyzed brand name association with enjoyment. The study documented Coca-Cola and Pepsi against two cheaper brands. The study found that people who thought they were drinking Coca-Cola or Pepsi enjoyed the taste much more than other brands. There was a catch, though; each consumer was drinking the exact same soda.

That’s right! Of the fifteen participants in this study, each one of them was drinking the exact same drink. When they were told it was Coca-Cola or Pepsi, the beverage became more delicious for people. People did not enjoy the non-brand name sodas as much even though they were exactly the same. A brand name is infectious and pleasing, as it can become synonymous with excellence.

By getting your name to be visible, you are getting so much help just from the brain due to your subconscious. We perceive thousands of images every day. Many of these images are common things we see just through interacting with the world. By throwing your image into the world and into everyday places, you are adding to the mosaic of the subconscious and creating a reliable feeling for your brand.

If you are prepared to invest in marketing, begin with flyering. A thorough blanket of your logo and your services across neighborhoods is a great, grassroots start. If you want to take your business to the next level, contact Fast Gorilla Flyers. Our expertise can help you grow into the icons you will become. Contact us now and get started on the road to excellence.

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