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Fast Gorilla Marketing Inc. – San Antonio TX

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In 1993, Shay was presented with an opportunity to help her father generate leads for a business he invested in. It was a home remodeling business where her Dad provided some capital and he would be paid back on each remodeling project. The owner of that business, the remodeler, was not able to make his repayment obligations to her father and he explained to him that he needed to generate leads in order to start more projects; he wanted additional money from her dad so he could afford to pass out flyers in neighborhoods. Shay’s father immediately contacted her and explained his investment predicament and wanted her to run a crew to pass out flyers door to door for this new project. She agreed and quickly learned that there wasn’t even a crew to run.

With a strong faith, Shay got started and put together a distribution crew. She had them working the neighborhoods each week paying them a fair wage for their work and they were happy. The leads began to come in and the Remodeler decided he no longer wanted to pay that amount towards flyers and reduced his weekly payout but he still wanted her to distribute the same amount of flyers each week. Well, this obviously posed a real problem as her entire crew rightfully quit when they learned about the reduction in pay. This left Shay looking for a new crew again. This scenario repeated itself a few more times with her gathering, training and losing crews over and over again as he decided to reduce her rates. It got to where this guy only wanted to pay 5.5¢ for each flyer to go out.

Each distribution crew member on average could deliver about 100 flyers each hour. This meant they would have to work for about $5.50 an hour which after paying her crew left absolutely nothing for her efforts. Shay was contemplating how it could even be possible to distribute flyers for only 5.5¢ and still be profitable. At that time, she just happen to be invited to a 5-day self-development seminar, which she attended. There Shay realized that it was possible to be making a profit at that rate. The only problem was it would not work with the Remodeler she was working with. So, at the most appropriate time of 4:30 a.m. she called that remodeler and told him thank you for creating this problem for her and how she just had figured out how she could pass out flyers at that rate but, it just wouldn’t to possible to continue to work for him. That is when “The 5.5¢ Flyer distributor” was born.

In 1994, the 5.5¢ Flyer Distributor would Print and Distribute 5,000 flyers in San Antonio for only $250.00. We would put together five non-competing flyers inside a bag and distribute them door to door and everyone was happy. Needless to say, the remodeling company she had started with went out of business and unfortunate for her father, he did not have a return on his investment.

During this time, The 5.5 cent flyer distributor gained a new customer who was in the real estate business. He offered shared office space in his real estate office in exchange for us not to distribute flyers for any other real estate company. Those terms were accepted and not too soon after there was a marriage ceremony. Over the years together, Gil and Shay now have four beautiful children and run successful real estate and flyer distribution companies.
In 2008, the changing economy created a shift in our marketing practices. We evolved by making different changes in our marketing strategies and later we changed our business name to “Dime a Door Flyer Delivery” – we still had not made the distinction that having your service price in your business name was not a good business decision. Finally, in 2009, we became known as Fast Gorilla Marketing Company.

Our company has since evolved and grown into a Texas Corporation with regional markets serving San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston and Corpus Christi. We are the flyer experts since 1994. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB of Central Texas and our proud members of a national association of advertising distribution service companies. Now, in addition to our Design, Print and Door to Door Distribution with verifiable GPS tracking, we also have integrated many other exciting marketing services by the request of our loyal customers to include Business to Business (B2B) Marketing, Full Color Digital Offset printing (business cards, flyers, Brochures, Tickets, etc.), in-house large format printing such as vehicle wraps, banners, and outdoor signage and self-serve printing options. We also offer our customers Indoor Digital Signage with Mobile Networking features, Business Lunch Programs and Digital Customer Loyalty Programs.

“Thank you for the trust, faith, and confidence that you have placed in us and Fast Gorilla Marketing to take care of your business marketing projects.” – Shay Castilla, President, Fast Gorilla Marketing, Inc.

At Fast Gorilla, we know how most other flyer customer’s feel about their flyers and we were determined to create a reliable turn-key flyer distribution service that could be easily verifiable with our real time GPS tracking service.
“We provide the highest quality print and distribution service, honestly and ethically. We know how most feel about flyer distribution and that is what drives us to do it differently – Gil Castilla, Vice President of Operations, Fast Gorilla Marketing, Inc.

In the beginning Shay and Gil had no idea how they were going to make it happen but they did know they had faith and believed in Fast Gorilla Marketing and were ready to put in the hard work it would take. With that one giant leap of faith, Fast Gorilla Marketing since became the #1 Flyer Distributor in the state of Texas. We’ve been recognized for our outstanding customer service, marketing, and sales by national associations.

We’ve been able to bring our family on board with this dream. Ralph is our Chief Information Officer, our son; Elijah is in our vehicle graphics department. Our younger children, Zach and Sophia find a way to pitch in around the office and help where needed. As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve also brought on folks who grew into family.
Even though our family has expanded, all the new faces we’ve brought on board over the years cherish our same values and are ready to provide the excellent customer service you deserve. We’d love the opportunity to help you experience the amazing benefits of our Lead Generation programs for your business. We’re a family owned business so we absolutely know how important your business is to you. We’d love to be trusted with the opportunity to work with you.Give us a call or click, and we’ll help generate more leads for your business! Thanks again for choosing Fast Gorilla Marketing; we consider it a blessing to serve you!

“For business not to advertise is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but no one else does.” — Stewart H. Brit

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