16 Feb 2015

4 Tips for Excellent Logo Design

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drawing and designing a lightbulbA logo is the visual representation of your company. If you’re thinking of changing your logo, don’t just hop into it without a second thought. To ensure that you get the most out of your logo, keep these design tips in mind.

Make it Memorable

Think about some of the most popular logos you know. The McDonald’s arches. The Nike swoosh. The Pepsi globe. These logos don’t even need to say the name of the product or company in them, but people immediately know what they represent. That’s the sign of a successful logo. Of course, if you’re not a multibillion dollar corporation like the above, it might be somewhat more difficult to get global recognition. But you could certainly get recognition in your own community and industry! The key is to make your logo unique and eye-catching, whether it’s more abstract (like the Nike swoosh) or features the name of your company in it (like FedEx). For most companies, having your brand name in the logo gives you a leg up. It makes it easier for people to remember because they have a name to reference back to later.

Stay Brand Consistent

Your logo represents your company – that probably sounds pretty obvious. But you can truly communicate so much about your business’s values and strengths through a logo. Use colors, shapes, and font to get your message across and reel in your target audience. Think about the MTV logo. It’s a large, bold M (usually featured in a vibrant color), with the letters “TV” scribbled across the front. It reads as casual, fun, and cool, which fits with the demographic they’re targeting (typically younger audiences who are interested in music or pop culture trends). Now, contrast this with the New York Times logo, which features crisp, black Old English font (reminiscent of early printing) on a plain white background. It’s simple and sophisticated, but also represents their brand – intellectual, well-written journalism.

Keep It Simple

In terms of a logo, sometimes less is more. If you have too many elements going on in your logo – colors, shapes, fonts, layers – people won’t know where to look and will likely be turned off altogether. A convoluted logo can come across as messy and even unprofessional. If you pick a few elements that you like, they’ll pop out better and look much stronger. It’s also easier for consumers to digest. You want them to look at your logo, but you don’t want them to have to study it to figure out everything that’s going on.

Embrace Change and Evolution

With the advent of technology, things change quickly. This includes fashion, trends, industries, and simply the way your business runs. If your business has had the same logo for decades, it may no longer represent how your company or industry runs. Or you may just want to do an overhaul of your brand’s entire look. Be open to the idea of changing up your logo a bit. People like new and original ideas, but they also are drawn to what’s familiar. So you don’t necessarily have to change every single thing about your logo – consider the Pepsi logo again. It’s changed multiple times over the years, but has kept the same shapes, colors, and elements. You know it’s Pepsi, but you also know it’s a fresh new look.

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