14 Jan 2015

Why Business Cards are Still Important

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business card organizerWe live in an increasingly digital age. You can do almost anything online, from instantly reaching a business located in another country to making a dinner reservation. Some businesses are even going paperless! Sometimes it can seem like all paper correspondence is obsolete. Some people may think that in today’s world, business cards are irrelevant. After all, when everyone has a website or LinkedIn profile, what reason would they need to have a card?

As it turns out, they have many.

1. Committing to Memory

One of the most compelling arguments for keeping the business card alive is very simple: people are forgetful. Even if you have an engaging conversation with someone at the beginning of a networking event, your name may slip their mind later after they’ve talked to 25 other people. The next day, they may remember that you had a successful organization, but if they don’t have your contact information or can’t recall the name of your company, you can’t get their business. Even if they don’t need your services today, it will be much easier for them to pull your business card out of their desk a few months later than it will be to try searching the web to remember your company’s name.

2. Business By Design

Business cards are form and function combined. Sure, they’re an easy way to give someone your name and company contact information; but when you think about it, they’re really an extension of your brand. The design of your business card allows you to give the people you meet an immediate visual representation of you and your company – your logo, your job title, the company aesthetic. This factor is good motivation to make sure your card is well-designed. If someone has a dozen business cards for the same service, they’re likely to call the number on the card that stands out the most.

3. Added Professionalism

They also lend a sense of legitimacy to your company, even if you don’t need it. No matter how established your business may be already, most networkers will expect you to have a card. Some people will be happy plugging your name and company info in their phone, but for the more traditionally business-minded among us, handing over a card is a much more streamlined transaction. Even if you’d prefer that your new acquaintance email you, it looks more professional to have a card with your email address on it than scribbling it on a napkin. Likewise, if you need someone else’s information, wouldn’t you prefer to be handed a card and not have to fumble around with a pen or phone?

Even as we move towards an increasingly paperless society, it appears that business cards are here to stay. They entice people to maintain contact and they’re incredibly affordable for all the benefits they provide. If you’re not utilizing this resource for your company, don’t wait another day to maximize your networking potential!

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